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unexplained / необъяснимый
inexplicable, incomprehensible
  • unexplained phenomenon - необъяснимое явление
имя прилагательное
not described or made clear; unknown.
the reason for her summons was as yet unexplained
Again, David Lynch's fascination with electricity and unexplained phenomena comes to mind.
The family was critical of the DPP's unexplained decision to send Mr Williams straight to trial, depriving him of the chance to test the evidence against him at a preliminary hearing.
That which is left unexplained by science is attributed to divine work.
And then there's the mystery of the unexplained bruise on the back of my right hand.
Hours later, reports of unexplained phenomena swept through the state of Ohio.
Their conclusion was that this phenomenon was unprecedented and unexplained .
Glen uses this unexplained and unjustified - he just didn't have the space - idea to tell a story about a candy that is no longer available on the Canadian market.
Many, according to the professor, were taken to the doctor because of an unusual or unexplained event reported by a carer such as turning blue, but on observation were found to be well.
The addition of two sailors remains unexplained , that it is not at all clear how exactly they became a part of this expedition.
What exactly he means by methodological individualism here is unclear and is left unexplained .