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unexceptionable / совершенный, замечательный, превосходный
имя прилагательное
perfect, complete, accomplished, ideal, perfective, unexceptionable
remarkable, wonderful, great, admirable, marvelous, unexceptionable
excellent, superb, superior, superlative, fine, unexceptionable
имя прилагательное
not open to objection.
the unexceptionable belief that society should be governed by law
It is unexceptionable to note that an obsession with violence has always been characteristic of American movies.
Whenever I have met Paul, I have found him to be entirely unexceptionable company.
In a civilized country, one would think, legislation to protect kids from violence and harassment in their schools should be unexceptionable .
Their belief in the worth and dignity of all human beings is unexceptionable .
Despite these unexceptionable advantages, critics have objected to the land tax on the following grounds.
Though this may be unexceptionable enough from the point of view of gender, it's a messy and ungainly solution stylistically, and one to be avoided.
If the motion is to refer the bill to a select committee, then I think that is unexceptionable .
This first conclusion seems unexceptionable .
These are unexceptionable propositions, but there is more to the urban environment than that.
The law would be rightly open to ridicule, for transactions such as these are unexceptionable .