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uneven / неравномерный, неровный, нечетный
имя прилагательное
uneven, irregular, lopsided
uneven, rough, irregular, bumpy, rugged, ragged
odd, uneven, woozy
имя прилагательное
not level or smooth.
the floors are cracked and uneven
They are full of cracked or misaligned paving slabs or kerbstones, running fissures and uneven surfaces everywhere.
The public are not worried about uneven distribution of wealth but unfair distribution of wealth.
If the surface seemed a bit bumpy or uneven , they used a small wet sponge to carefully smooth the clay's surface.
He also said the surface was very uneven and explained that this could damage his £800 racing bike.
However, those of us who walk on it every day have to be careful not to slip in the mud and twist our ankles on the uneven surfaces.
She says she cannot even push Colin to the local shops because of all the potholes and the uneven surface.
The plain fact is, he kept the Giants afloat in a strange, uneven championship season.
This was an uneven contest with the Dunlavin girls showing superior skill and teamwork.
Exacerbating the problem was the uneven distribution of water in China, particularly in the drought-prone north.
It appears, then, that there is an uneven distribution of cultural industries across Sweden.