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unethical / неэтичным
  • unethical behavior - неэтичное поведение
имя прилагательное
not morally correct.
it is unethical to torment any creature for entertainment
This does not make them unethical , dishonest people in life or their law practice.
It will be seen as unethical , unprofessional and will affect the decisions made at that level.
Half a dozen newspapers recently have fired reporters for dishonest or unethical reporting.
Widespread as it may be, it is nevertheless a way of thinking that is profoundly amoral, unethical and indeed barbaric.
However, breaking the law often starts with unethical behaviour that has gone unnoticed.
And he also has plans to clean up big business by introducing a register of ethical and unethical businesses.
These things may be ethical or unethical , depending on the situation.
Many acts may look improper and unethical , yet there may have been a good reason for them.
Facing the dilemmas of ethical behaviour in a decidedly unethical society is the harder choice.
I have concerns about any unethical behaviour amongst any health professionals.