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unessential / несущественный, незначительный
имя прилагательное
insignificant, inessential, immaterial, inconsequential, nonessential, unessential
minor, light, insignificant, small, slight, unessential
But to have the strength to say ‘no’ to the unessential products in life would release a person from the coils of consumption.
Hayes does a fine job in the role but this character is just too weird and unessential to the film.
By then also, all unessential civilians had been evacuated.
A pleasant but unessential DVD companion for a pleasant but excellent album.
Cups were unessential when trying to pack lightly and be prepared for almost any contingency.
I would emphasize that, although unessential , it is nevertheless highly desirable.
Royal Mail bosses warned customers against posting unessential items as they battled to cope with a huge backlog of letters.
The company has undergone structural reorganisation and has taken significant steps to cut unessential costs.
The condition of omnipotent lordship, then, becomes the reverse of what it wants to be: dependent, static, and unessential .
The exact number is left to the performers since composers from the era reduced publishing expenses by omitting unessential or doubled parts.