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unerring / безошибочный, непогрешимый, верный
имя прилагательное
unmistakable, infallible, unerring, faultless, surefire, sure
infallible, inerrant, impeccable, unerring, inerrable
right, true, faithful, loyal, correct, unerring
имя прилагательное
always right or accurate.
an unerring sense of direction
I can still see his slight frame darting past defenders and rifling over points with unerring ease and accuracy.
But enter substitute David Murphy, with steady nerve and unerring accuracy to rescue Laois with a point.
Perhaps of even greater significance, he had an unerring sense of rhythmic flow and continuity.
His balancing of minutiae and theme is unerring .
She came from an aristocratic family, yet had an unerring sense of fashion.
She is unerring in identifying the city's greatest works (from all periods) and lyrical in singing their praises.
At the end of the second round he had opened up a 18-11 advantage mainly thanks to his ramrod right which he used with unerring accuracy.
We can pinpoint our targets and strike with unerring accuracy at the level of devastation we choose to inflict.
I could always hop on the bus, but my unerring sense of direction would probably land me up at the opposite end of the island from my house.
His control was unerring and he could bowl long spells.