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unequalled / непревзойденный, бесподобный
имя прилагательное
unsurpassed, unbeaten, unexcelled, matchless, inimitable, nonpareil
unmatched, incomparable, unparalleled, matchless, peerless, nonpareil
имя прилагательное
superior to all others in performance or extent.
a range of facilities unequaled in Chicago
Berix is quite small and has an unequalled 10-year record.
On Sunday you had almost 80,000 spectators packing one of the best stadiums in Europe with an atmosphere unequalled at any sporting event in these islands.
It has an unequalled record for stability in the entire industry.
And she remains unequalled for her work with the unemployed, her contribution to the freedom-struggle and for her political achievements.
His expert analysis of what's going on behind the scenes is unequalled .
The vital atmosphere in this city is unequalled .
Today, it appears that their brilliance still remains unequalled .
His long service to Brentford is virtually unequalled .
We have an unequalled record in pushing for peace and progress and in bringing about real and radical change.
By the way, it's outside of all the regions discussed above, but Northern Australia offers unequalled opportunities for, at the very least, storage installations.