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unequal / неравный, неравноценный, неровный
имя прилагательное
unequal, inequal, inequable
unequal, inequal
uneven, rough, irregular, bumpy, rugged, unequal
имя прилагательное
not equal in quantity, size, or value.
two rooms of unequal size
not having the ability or resources to meet a challenge.
she felt unequal to the task before her
имя существительное
a person or thing considered to be different from another in status or level.
Before one can think of equality between unequals , the dwarf must be raised to the height of the giant.
In some countries, especially those facing massive development challenges, even the military would be unequal to imposing legal order on a feral city.
But the baptismal water proved unequal to the task of washing away Benjamin Disraeli's innate orientalism of deportment.
The two wings of a given seed may be essentially equal in size, but more often are unequal .
It was obvious to everyone in Washington that the existing navy was unequal to the task of effective blockade.
And if you find him unequal to the task, change him and bring somebody else.
Where law enforcement agencies are unequal to a task, it is the community that should rise as a man to fill in the breach.
What was the role of the media in creating those unequal conditions?
This only ends up securing unequal , repressive, and intolerant societies.
Then I got riled about the unequal distribution of wealth, and the exploitation of the working class.
Having proven themselves unequal to the task of assessing the need for the vaccine in the first place, they are now proving themselves unequal to the task of administering it.