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unenlightened / непросвещенный, неосведомленный
имя прилагательное
unenlightened, illiberal
uninformed, unenlightened, unposted
имя прилагательное
not having or showing an enlightened outlook.
unenlightened thinking
The local burghers were not the least bit delighted or impressed at this assumption, and the unenlightened portrayal of our quaint and historic village.
Naturally, the mother concludes the report unenlightened , and afraid of the consequences both of the vaccine, and of measles.
He is cantankerous, idealistic, blinkered, thin-skinned, romantic, a man of the ‘enlightenment’ but curiously unenlightened himself.
Unfortunately, Bradford Council has shown an unenlightened attitude and needs to be persuaded otherwise.
A year ago, he was pretty unenlightened about the whole issue - much like the rest of us.
In this regard we in our time are strangely unenlightened .
This patronising initiative seems to suggest that unenlightened mums and dads are the cause of racism in Oldham, by passing it on to their kids and creating a vicious cycle.
It's difficult to believe that any modern country could be this backward and unenlightened .
According to Tibetan Buddhism, the universe is populated by a vast array of enlightened and unenlightened beings.
If we are to succeed in our attempt to transform our unenlightened manifestation into an enlightened one, we need the lineage.