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unending / бесконечный, нескончаемый
имя прилагательное
endless, infinite, unending, perpetual, interminable, eternal
endless, unending, perpetual, mortal, never-ceasing
имя прилагательное
having or seeming to have no end.
the charity rescues children from unending poverty
I managed to blast my way through the unending hordes of troops and into a desert canyon full of skeletons.
And it's seemingly unending , like the infinitely repeated punishments of hell.
Rain had been falling for hours, never relenting from its seemingly unending source that refused to vanquish.
Government has become an unending process of placing political bets.
That can only lead us into unending chaos and horror.
The criticism and threats, even on her life, seem unending .
Once again a long struggle is promised, and an unending national mobilization demanded.
Men can not grasp the concept of an eternal and unending universe, for our lives are not unending .
You know, when you love people like that, it's universal, it's infinite, it's unending .
Keeping them in their place means perpetuating the unending cycle of their oppression.