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unencumbered / не обремененный, незаложенный
имя прилагательное
не обремененный
unencumbered, unladen
имя прилагательное
not having any burden or impediment.
he needed to travel light and unencumbered
There is an important public interest in discouraging restraint on trade, and maintaining free and open competition unencumbered by the fetters of restrictive covenants.
He believed that an invisible hand ruled over the market place, guaranteeing that everyone would eventually benefit, if only the market mechanism were left unencumbered .
Pat McGowan, the book's hideous central character, is unencumbered by any moral code, even the criminal.
As Conservative MPs elected at this year's general election we represent a new generation unencumbered by the political baggage of the past.
The way to ensure that there aren't hungry people in the world is to give peasants land, unencumbered by debt peonage.
He offered the view, unencumbered by reality check, that prolonged engagement would necessitate the introduction of conscription.
The present value of the house, unencumbered with vacant possession, is about £160,000.
Likewise he can speak out on environmental issues unencumbered by the focus-group fudges that blunted his election campaign.
A company's unencumbered view of its supply chain provides a competitive advantage by being able to react to constantly changing requirements.
Its value is the value of his unencumbered interest minus the value of the secured loan.