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unemployment / безработица
имя существительное
unemployment, frost
имя существительное
the state of being unemployed.
Drug abuse, unemployment and prejudice are among the many difficulties facing our communities.
To make any serious headway against unemployment , twice that number need to be created.
It has languished long enough in the shadow of unemployment and empty promises.
a fall in unemployment among graduates
The unemployment figure in this country is the lowest that it has been in a generation.
The index saw its biggest rise for nine months in July when record unemployment figures were announced.
I have found it strange and yet logical that one of the first symptoms of unemployment is serious and serial sloth.
The actual unemployment rate in the shanties is much higher than official figures.
Holland has just had eight years of solid economic growth and unemployment is almost non-existent.
In urban areas the problem of unemployment is not acute, it is serious mainly in rural areas.
One of the main reasons is it's very difficult to get unemployment figures over a century.