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uneducated / необразованный, неученый
имя прилагательное
uneducated, illiterate, unlettered, bookless, dark, unnurtured
unlearned, uneducated
имя прилагательное
lacking an education; poorly educated.
These tax cuts will be for the benefit of the high earners at the expense of the poorest, the uneducated and the most vulnerable people in our society.
The problem is that entry level jobs are generally where uneducated people go to get skills.
Chess took advantage of Willie Dixon because he was black, because he was poor and uneducated .
I attended university as a mature student and was shocked at how ignorant and uneducated our student population actually is.
But he did scoop up the shares of those too poor and uneducated to appreciate their potential value.
And a lot of our people are elderly and a lot of them are uneducated , illiterate.
I felt that I'd had the best education money can buy, and yet I was completely uneducated .
They know that as long as the population in these areas remain uneducated and illiterate, they will never be removed.
I expected West Virginia to be full of uneducated poor white people of Scot and Irish descent.
Would I make the same amount of money as a janitor with an eighth grade education, an uneducated laborer?
The people were very poor and uneducated and had a poor quality of life.