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uneconomic / нерентабельный
имя прилагательное
costs for seven huge, uneconomic reactors
It would be hugely uneconomic to build a whole new network.
The claimants have failed to satisfy me that piecemeal repair of the units, and replacement of units by re-conditioned units where necessary, would be an uneconomic or unsatisfactory method of repair of the system.
And, importantly, large numbers of uneconomic enterprises throughout the economy had disappeared.
So he wants to increase taxes to make it uneconomic and unprofitable for airlines to offer cheap flights.
If you do buy a Pentium 133 notebook PC, bear in mind that you are buying into old technology and that if anything should go wrong with it in the future then it is likely that even if parts were available, it would be uneconomic to repair.
The development of sophisticated means for fuel storage of hydrogen does not solve the main problem of the present uneconomic cost of producing hydrogen for the fuel cell.
Recovery is not going to be aided by encouraging cash rich companies to dissipate their savings by investing in uneconomic projects, nor by enabling bankrupt companies to borrow more money.
And in any event, the grid is a shared resource; it would be wildly uneconomic to try to harden it everywhere just to meet the power-reliability needs at truly critical nodes scattered throughout a city.
As to the other two points, it was not suggested that the cost of repairs might be irrecoverable or that it might be uneconomic to recover it.
State officials retained considerable economic control and allowed uneconomic factories and mines to continue operating.