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uneasy / беспокойный, неудобный, неловкий
имя прилагательное
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, uneasy
inconvenient, uncomfortable, awkward, fiddly, uneasy, unhandy
awkward, clumsy, uneasy, ungainly, gauche, ungraceful
имя прилагательное
causing or feeling anxiety; troubled or uncomfortable.
she felt guilty now and a little uneasy
Cal turned off the music, causing the car to fill with an uneasy silence.
The Spaniards grew fearful, uneasy and their discontent soon turned to open mutiny.
The occasional acknowledgement of the audience jolts you into an uneasy self-consciousness.
This is an area where I've often noticed politicians getting a bit fidgety, uneasy even.
I feel uneasy , a bit nervous, and very eager to get the move done now and all these boxes unpacked.
These families have not returned to Juda as yet and an uneasy silence pervades the huts left behind by them.
A silence came over them as neither knew what to say next to break the uneasy silence.
When it works, it gives the film an appropriately edgy and uneasy feel.
PC Dunn suggested that the appellant's demeanour was jittery and very uneasy .
After years of keeping quiet it is time to find his voice, time to send out echoes into the uneasy silence.