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unearthly / неземной, таинственный, сверхъестественный
имя прилагательное
unearthly, ethereal, heavenly, ambrosial, supermundane, empyreal
mysterious, mystery, mystical, mystic, weird, unearthly
supernatural, uncanny, weird, preternatural, eerie, unearthly
strange, weird, odd, bizarre, curious, unearthly
крайне неподходящий
имя прилагательное
unnatural or mysterious, especially in a disturbing way.
unearthly quiet
unreasonably early or inconvenient.
a job that involves getting up at an unearthly hour
I put up my collages and paintings and calendars and messages, and then got some blue lights to give the room an unearthly look.
If it's not interrupting teatime viewing of The Simpsons then it's popping up at the most unearthly of hours.
And once they got by that, the stranger was greeted by an unearthly surprise.
Whit turned to look at Solace, who was glowing with an unearthly light.
They carried us in their wombs for nine months, woke at unearthly hours to tend to our screams.
Then the alarm will be set for some unearthly hour to sort things out.
From there on you're woken up at unearthly hours to be continuously tested and prodded.
The storm had passed by sunset, and then the world shone with an unearthly light out of a Turner painting.
Woken as I was this morning at some unearthly hour by the sound of rain falling against the window I scrambled bleary eyed out of bed to this sight.
Then an unearthly , spooky, almost howling sound joined it.