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undue / несвоевременный, чрезмерный, неподходящий
имя прилагательное
untimely, inopportune, undue, unseasonable, timeless, injudicious
excessive, over, undue, superfluous, exceeding, extreme
unsuitable, inappropriate, improper, inopportune, inept, undue
имя прилагательное
unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate.
this figure did not give rise to undue concern
Serious problems usually result from undue delay in seeing a doctor.
Meaney suggested that the Board examine the possibility of buying services from the private sector in cases where there was undue delay.
And that's appropriate because the threat is an urgent one, and we need to act without undue delay.
It also gives grounds for caution at the possibility of undue government interference or excessive bureaucratization.
Where there is abundance of food, excessive eating and undue weight gain are not uncommon, although there is in fact a normal physiological tendency to lay down more fat stores in the earlier months.
Overpopulation and rampant species loss are ‘unfounded or undue concerns.’
Society as a whole has placed undue and excessive trust in the ability of political measures to solve the problems of the Aborigines.
Voluntary organisations such as Civil Defence also need call-out plans to bring personnel in from their everyday activities in an effective manner and without undue delay.
Although I was particularly careful not to name any person, I regret any distress or undue concern that might have been caused to any person.
‘The minister said that he was anxious to deal with the proposed legislation and was not in favour of undue delay,’ said Mr Walsh.