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undress / раздеваться, раздевать
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe, dismantle
имя прилагательное
everyday, daily, casual, workaday, undress, day-to-day
имя существительное
домашний костюм
undress, morning dress
повседневная форма одежды
service uniform, undress
имя существительное
the state of being naked or only partially clothed.
women in various states of undress
ordinary clothing or uniform, as opposed to that worn on ceremonial occasions.
Gold lace became confined to flag officers in both dress and undress uniforms; captains wore it only in full dress.
take off one's clothes.
she undressed and climbed into bed
That was the first thing I knew about her state of undress .
She'd moved into presenting after starting modelling at 16 and become a regular, in various states of undress , on the pages of glossy men's magazines.
She had not fully realized his state of dress, or rather undress .
Admiral Nelson, now in his undress uniform, not wearing his full orders was ‘every bit as conspicuous’ to the approaching danger.
‘I guess I'll just have to undress you every time you change your clothes,’ he said chuckling.
Inside, a motley crew of gents are draped over by a mixture of girls in varied state of undress .
women in various states of undress
Prancing about in a state of undress would seem foolish at any other time of the year, but it suddenly becomes the norm as soon as we go somewhere hot on holiday.
Certainly, I was struck by the combination of her screeching voice and deranged facial expression, her general state of undress being more disturbing than arousing.
his undress uniform