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undone / расстегнутый, несделанный, развязанный
имя прилагательное
unbuttoned, undone, unfastened
undone, unacted
untied, undone
unfinished, incomplete, pending, pendent, unclosed, undone
имя прилагательное
not tied or fastened.
the top few buttons of his shirt were undone
not done or finished.
he had left his homework undone
(of a person) ruined by a disastrous or devastating setback or reverse.
I am undone!
unfasten, untie, or loosen (something).
the knot was difficult to undo
cancel or reverse the effects or results of (a previous action or measure).
there wasn't any way Evelyn could undo the damage
cause the downfall or ruin of.
Iago's hatred of women undoes him
We had great warm evenings for sitting out late and it was really relaxing without any means of doing those undone tasks at home.
Alio almost hit him for that, but he restrained himself, even if he could explain it off as just a serge of anger for an undone job.
His black backpack was still slumped by his desk and the undone homework atop was weeks late.
And that makes me want to run around screaming and drooling on myself simultaneously to add to my disheveled, undone self.
The guys' pad has food scraps as decoration and stacks of undone dishes.
The demand for productivity has grown so significantly that no one feels they are doing enough; everyone looks at the undone workload and feels inadequate.
Jennifer sat on her bed, pulling the zippers up and down, as if the answer would pop out of the undone zipper.
Now Rod Stewart has gone subtle and chosen an undone tie to mark his move into Sinatra territory.
He is trying to compete with David's undone buttons.
In Athol and in Kensington, I see some houses that have been empty so long their curtains have given up holding on, have come undone thread by thread.