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undocumented / недокументированный
  • undocumented feature - недокументированная возможность
без документов
without documents
не имеющий документов
имя прилагательное
not recorded in or proved by documents.
A physical relationship has never been proved - Cohn would certainly have kept it undocumented and out of sight.
not having the appropriate legal document or license.
undocumented immigrants
The U.S. census estimates there are about 8 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.
The undocumented benefit is that, by using their accelerator service, they are unintentionally offering users an anonymous proxy.
My life as an undocumented immigrant meant that I grew up with added challenges and frustrations other kids didn't have to deal with.
Eventually they realized that the city's two homeless shelters would not accept undocumented immigrants.
The civilisational reach of India's great textile culture cuts through largely undocumented and unmapped pathways of history.
It extends basic human rights without distinction to all migrants, documented or undocumented .
Other than the odd undocumented case, success is not known to be spotted often enough.
Many of these workers are undocumented immigrants who have little recourse to legal action if they are injured on the job.
Three quarters of all undocumented immigrants actually pay Social Security tax.
Some churches created what were called ‘sanctuaries’ for undocumented immigrants.