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undisturbed / невозмущенное
имя прилагательное
not disturbed.
a quiet weekend of undisturbed tranquillity
However, all animals deserve an undisturbed and safe breeding season.
Until that changes, the island will remain an undisturbed fragment of history.
Make sure your child has a quiet place to work undisturbed by others.
The moon is a very quiet and undisturbed place compared to the earth.
That followed a complaint by the trust but he was never prosecuted and has continued to fish and farm the clams largely undisturbed .
The untitled volume lay undisturbed for more than 150 years and was found during a clear-out.
The many private ranches that have opened for safaris are a direct response to the demand for undisturbed game viewing.
Cherry blossoms floated by on the breeze and looking up into the sky was like plunging towards an undisturbed pool of tropical water.
Provided the material is hidden away and undisturbed , it presents no danger whatsoever.
Mystery surrounds the death of a fun-loving man whose body could have lain undisturbed for up to six days at his home in Bradford.