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undistinguished / непримечательный, незаметный, невыдающийся
имя прилагательное
inconspicuous, invisible, imperceptible, obscure, insensible, undistinguished
имя прилагательное
lacking distinction; unexceptional.
an undistinguished career
Hogg was no ordinary Tory minister, however undistinguished his career.
The walls are blank and white, everything is plain and undistinguished in the low light.
No undistinguished schoolboy could hope for more.
The undistinguished career for the first Delgado racer had come to a very abrupt end.
Faced with entering the working world or graduate school they confront the reality of their undistinguished academic career.
With a shudder he turned back and entered the ball once more, just as unnoticeable and undistinguished that he had been when he first arrived.
The other three enjoy undistinguished but lengthy careers.
The aircraft enjoyed an undistinguished and short career as a racer before being put up for sale.
Of all my rather undistinguished classmates, one was stunning.
Well, I will say it's probably the shortest my hair has been since my short and undistinguished time in the U.S. Marines.