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undiluted / неразбавленный
имя прилагательное
(of a liquid) not diluted.
It got so bad that Japan's Fair Trade Commission reported last summer only about one-third of the country's hot springs inns use pure, undiluted water from its natural source.
Some prefer it straight, although the alcohol burn of anything but the softest undiluted whisky generally renders your tastebuds fairly useless.
A cheaper solution is Goop, the greasemonkey's hand cleaner, or cheaper still, undiluted dishwashing liquid.
‘It is their undiluted enthusiasm which spills over to the silver screen and captivates the filmgoer,’ affirms the dancer.
A few harsh rebuffs later, his enthusiasm remains undiluted .
For McDonald, it was a moment of undiluted embarrassment as he gifted possession to Alan Thompson and gave Celtic the platform from which they scored their second goal.
It was the final moment during which adult entertainment had the undivided attention and undiluted respect of the world.
This is a guy who is completely connected to another, legendary, era and one of the few left alive from that time who can still communicate its undiluted energy with virtuosity.
Nor are large UK Government IT contracts viewed by industry with undiluted enthusiasm these days.
Only once significant essential oil knowledge is gained should you ever attempt to apply an undiluted oil on the skin.
What we have witnessed more recently has been the collapse of some financial edifices which have shown the worst aspects of pure, undiluted greed.