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undifferentiated / недифференцированный
имя прилагательное
not different or differentiated.
ideologically undifferentiated candidates
However, optimization has driven variation into parts of the vehicle that are undifferentiated to the consumer.
Products were essentially undifferentiated , as we observed when drawing the court's attention to the depiction of them.
But if England was different, it was certainly not set against a single undifferentiated other.
This is particularly the case if undifferentiated goods such as cars are shown.
We defined advanced stage as nodal or metastatic spread and high grade as poorly differentiated, undifferentiated , or anaplastic disease.
So much a part of life it went undifferentiated , unexamined until gone.
First, it deals with the elderly as a single, undifferentiated group.
For the most part, they still work, but an unfortunate side effect of this is that they tend to sink into an undifferentiated mass.
Nomadic space is smooth, without features, undifferentiated from other spaces.
The pain is undifferentiated or indescribable as discussed above.