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undeveloped / неразвитой, незастроенный, неразвившийся
имя прилагательное
undeveloped, fallow
undeveloped, blank
имя прилагательное
not having been developed.
undeveloped coal reserves
The science of planetary ecology is still young and undeveloped .
Characters are left half-developed or undeveloped so that as much plot as possible can be crammed into two hours.
Industrial estates or undeveloped land are likely to be the most suitable sites.
The coast is relatively undeveloped at the moment but is likely to grow significantly in the next few years.
Most biotech companies are small and have undeveloped or fledgling product lines.
It also looks as if one of the last two undeveloped lots across the street from the ditch will become a construction site within days.
Westmoreland County's undeveloped forestlands also contributed to some flood prevention.
The island is undeveloped and there are none of the classic Caribbean white sand beaches to which 21st century travellers flock.
The fact is that these lands are largely undeveloped and possess great non-commercial value.
During the summer we explored the surrounding brushy lots of our largely undeveloped neighborhood.