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undeterred / смущаясь
не испугавшись
имя прилагательное
persevering with something despite setbacks.
he was undeterred by these disasters
Shoplifters are taunting them with these minor thefts, undeterred by CCTV cameras.
He was undeterred by the rain and fog, however.
‘The guys said they would go, but at another date,’ says Todd, who is undeterred by the set-back.
On the way out I noticed penguins gathered by the visitors' centre fence, undeterred by humans, watching, motionless.
But people involved are undeterred and bent on taking it forward.
The students were undeterred by the miserable wet day.
His passion for bikes remains totally undeterred despite the accident.
There are very few answers to questions like that but if these people have one thing on their side its their undeterred hope and enthusiasm.
This year, several families have made the trip, undeterred by the weather or the sodden campsite where they are staying.
Still all three were undeterred by the weather or indeed by the 26 miles and each showed immense grit to finish the three-lap course.