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undesirable / нежелательный, неподходящий, неудобный
имя прилагательное
unwanted, undesirable, objectionable, unwelcome, unacceptable, unwished
unsuitable, inappropriate, improper, inopportune, inept, undesirable
inconvenient, uncomfortable, awkward, fiddly, uneasy, undesirable
имя существительное
нежелательное лицо
имя прилагательное
not wanted or desirable because harmful, objectionable, or unpleasant.
the drug's undesirable side effects
имя существительное
a person considered to be objectionable in some way.
Shrubs have been cut back to deprive undesirables of hiding places, the first of several vandal-proof benches have been installed, and there are moves to make the lavatories accessible only from the street.
I wondered if she knew how undesirable she looked, or whether she saw only what she wanted in the mirror.
Of course in practice, all substances produce both desirable and undesirable effects.
Darkness overwhelmed her senses and yet she knew of the undesirable fate her friend had fallen into.
Its location, just off the main drag, means that undesirable characters sometimes show up at closing time.
To help you get rid of undesirable fat, cook ground beef briefly in a skillet, then drain.
most people would find that undesirable
In the same way, a good parent encourages desirable acts and discourages undesirable ones.
Teenage pregnancy would be somewhat undesirable , we concluded.
Disobeying this golden rule will result in undesirable consequences.
They also can sort desirable and undesirable messages by means of automatic filters.