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underweight / недовес
имя существительное
underweight, short weight
имя прилагательное
с недовесом
имя прилагательное
below a weight considered normal or desirable.
he was thirty pounds underweight
имя существительное
insufficient weight.
We used these early data together with information collected on cohort members at the age of 50 to explore the effects of childhood obesity and underweight on adult obesity and risk factors for disease.
apply too little weight to (something).
we feared the hot-air balloon had been underweighted
In market parlance, they overweight the most recent information and underweight the information that came before.
She was still rather underweight at 100 pounds, okay, very underweight , but she ate healthily, exercised a normal amount and gained a ton of self-confidence.
I was a geeky, scrawny, underweight kid who liked strange music and didn't fit in at all.
Perhaps your exercise regime is too demanding, since your body mass index (height to weight ratio) suggests you're not underweight .
A BMI under 18.5 indicates that you're underweight .
Last year we were underweight lodging stocks.
Shouldn't a GP investigate why a child is underweight , and share his or her concern with the parents?
She has an intense need for control and is scared of gaining weight even when extremely underweight .
The first question posed in this research asked whether individual HR managers would underweight base rate data.
Although it recommended that investors switch to US shares, it still recommends that investors be underweight in US equities.