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underway / на ходу, осуществляемый, в движении
имя прилагательное
на ходу
underway, in action
в движении
afoot, underway, on-the-job
в процессе разработки
в работе
in hand, underway
having started and in progress; being done or carried out.
the remodeling should be underway by July
(of a boat) moving through the water.
the ship was so huge and silent, I hadn't realized we had gotten underway
the remodeling should be underway by July
The company has research underway into a number of materials that may form the basis for future chip technology.
There were no guard rails, so working on the decks while underway must have been hazardous.
The networking company has confirmed that it has a hosted storage service pilot program underway .
Sandra amazed us all with the number of worthwhile projects the trust has underway .
Things didn't get any better when the star-studded National Open got underway .
Plans for the construction of the school had been underway for a number of years.
The wait for the next instalment is almost over, with the countdown to the Christmas special underway .
At one end of this area, a massive building project has been underway for the best part of 20 years.
It feels great to get under a hot shower and snuggle in my cozy cabin as the large vessel gets underway .