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undervalue / недооценивать
underestimate, undervalue, underrate, misjudge, underprice, disparage
rate (something) insufficiently highly; fail to appreciate.
the skills of the housewife remain undervalued in society
his truck was sold at an undervalue
However, we consistently overestimate the dangers and undervalue the benefits we obtain by living in a complex society.
They claimed that his accounting system was based on a liquidation value orientation, which would undervalue the firm as an entity whose sum value is greater than its parts.
Don't undervalue yourself, but don't value things that are worthless.
They rejected the new deal, saying that even though the price was well above market value, it still undervalued the company.
Trouble is, the company might look undervalued because it's trading in an overvalued sector.
They weren't trapped, they weren't undervalued , they weren't depressed, they weren't not using whatever intelligence or skills they had.
Motherhood is a demanding full-time job on its own, but sadly it is greatly undervalued by modern society.
Alternatively, if unrealized and undervalued tax assets like tax credits and losses are on hand, a share purchase will be favoured.
With the firm seriously undervalued he took it private and its value has soared.