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underused / недостаточно используемых
недостаточно используемый
use (something) below the optimum level.
the owner noted a lot of underused space in that garage
He said it was up to developers, not the community, to show a centre was underused and that there were viable alternatives.
The first step is to becoming aware of the smaller, underused balance muscles.
He once again proves himself to be the most fully realized but underused comedic talent in tinseltown.
If policies are underused , administrators have little impetus to expand them.
In the basement, there were several large bathrooms and underused mechanical areas.
The author of this article contends that handheld devices are underused in the nursing profession.
Both audio options are impressive, though the surround channels are underused .
What if a medication is underused or overused by the person for whom it's intended and there's a bad outcome?
The council maintains that the car park is underused and that it must maximise its use of its assets by disposing of those which are not being fully utilised.
Croydon Council says the car park is underused and no longer viable to maintain.