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undertow / отлив прибоя, нижняя жила
имя существительное
отлив прибоя
нижняя жила
underset, undertow
имя существительное
an implicit quality, emotion, or influence underlying the superficial aspects of something and leaving a particular impression.
there's a dark undertow of loss that links the novel with earlier works
But like the undertow of a giant tidal wave, the massive media exposure couldn't exist without a backlash.
She hit the sandy ground, and got pulled out with the undertow .
It was like a flood, like being trapped in the undertow of a tsunami.
Like undertow at a beach, you find yourself being drawn out to places you don't want to be without realizing it.
Sometimes he tells himself he's not going to follow them, but the current is too strong, the undertow too fierce.
There is a dark undertow to the book.
As a wave lifts him he grips onto a rocky ledge and is pulled back by the undertow .
There will be no big themes, no gripping emotional undertow , no feeling of the pain.
It was far away, almost out of sight, and the undertow threatened to pull her down at any moment.
Jenny screamed, being dragged under by the massive undertow .