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undertone / оттенок, подтекст, полутон
имя существительное
shade, tone, hue, tint, color, undertone
subtext, implication, undertone, overtone
semitone, halftone, undertone, undertint, half-light
имя существительное
a subdued or muted tone of sound or color.
they were talking in undertones
For all that written correspondence can manage, a subtle undertone and feeling is probably the hardest to achieve.
His normal tone was destroyed by a scratchy undertone .
However much I tried to be funny and nice, I didn't try to hide the undertone of serious disappointment.
a pallid undertone to her tanned skin
‘Best if you overlook the name, mate,’ she suggested in a tone that was pleasant enough, yet held the tainted undertone of threat.
She whispered, but Will murmured in an undertone for her to be quiet.
My skin tone is fair with a pink undertone and very red cheeks.
He didn't exactly looked panicked, but his voice was dark with rage and an undertone of fear.
There was an undertone of disapproval in his voice.
The strong undertone of moral earnestness, never preached, gives a stability and force to the vivid portraiture, and prevents the satiric touches from degenerating into mere malice.