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undertake / предпринимать, браться, гарантировать
undertake, launch, make a move, assume, attack, put one's hands to
undertake, start, get down, enter, settle down, enter upon
ensure, guarantee, assure, secure, safeguard, undertake
vouch, guarantee, warrant, ensure, answer, undertake
быть владельцем похоронного бюро
commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on.
a firm of builders undertook the construction work
To undertake the duties and responsibilities of a platoon sergeant, you are expected to be at the top of your game.
Interns in our internship program undertake projects and engage in research and writing.
There seems to be no one prepared to undertake the responsibility of deciding the long term position.
I undertake that that document was advice on top of a Cabinet paper, so it does not add any significance.
You must undertake that no one will be slandered by your text and accept full responsibility for the material you submit.
Mr Hunter was able to undertake that the Secretary of State would decide the case and issue a reasoned decision within 6 weeks.
She is the ideal commissioner to undertake the responsibilities inherent in this bill.
He must undertake great enterprises that allow him to display his abilities.
I undertake that that note will be provided and circulated tomorrow morning.
She refused to undertake any enterprise without his involvement.