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understatement / преуменьшение, замалчивание, сдержанное высказывание
имя существительное
сдержанное высказывание
имя существительное
the presentation of something as being smaller, worse, or less important than it actually is.
a master of English understatement
a master of English understatement
One of the ways he achieves the element of understatement is by usually talking quietly.
More than half a century later the country has moved from understatement to groundless exaggeration.
It's a hilarious film full of gems of comic absurdity that are mixed in with nonchalant understatement .
He was a natural diplomat, too, cool as a breeze under pressure and a master of understatement .
Clearly, living so long and so intimately with other people has made him a master of the understatement .
The sequence is thus all the more powerful for its brevity and understatement .
This song set the tone for the downbeat understatement that the event traditionally displays.
The film was an exercise in stylish understatement , and was all the better for it.
As with all his films to date, his understatement proves to be his greatest strength.