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understate / преуменьшать, не высказывать открыто
belittle, minimize, downplay, understate, play down, lessen
не высказывать открыто
describe or represent (something) as being smaller, worse, or less important than it actually is.
the press has understated the extent of the problem
My mom and dad are going through what the understaters of the world would call a ‘rough time.’
That bland description understates the drama and stakes of the investigation.
To say we are disappointed would be understating it.
Just now as he went out the door, I told my husband of your lack of progression and understater that he is (like all doctors) he got all excited and said ‘That's good!’
To describe e-mail as an enabling technology greatly understates its influence.
To say I'm suffering from a combination of culture shock and stomach churning homesickness would be understating it.
No, that would be grossly understating the hopelessness of his present situation.
To say he was delighted with it is understating the case.
I've used these kinds of distancing techniques myself - writers often do when they want to highlight the horror of a situation by understating the actual details.
Commentators who say that the political landscape changed dramatically in the past year are grossly understating the true state of affairs.