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understandable / понятный
имя прилагательное
clear, understandable, obvious, comprehensible, intelligible, plain
имя прилагательное
able to be understood.
though his accent was strange, the words were perfectly understandable
His reasons for leaving were understandable .
Some delay in assessing complex claims and establishing facts is understandable .
Still, regardless of whether it's understandable or normal, the tension's still there.
Many directors and actors in this country have made the same understandable mistake.
It is quite understandable then that he is able to get home a great deal earlier than expected.
They hate her for understandable reasons: she has all but destroyed their cause.
This is understandable but in the long term it is a serious mistake.
So why did it seem so understandable and even, dare I say it, innocent, in his telling?
Business customers are always slow in upgrading, for obvious and understandable reasons.
These sentiments might be understandable , but again they're hardly rational.