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undersized / низкорослый, маломерный, карликовый
имя прилагательное
undersized, scrubby, cobby, scrub, runty, sawn-off
dwarf, pygmy, dwarfish, undersized, pigmy, lilliputian
имя прилагательное
of less than the usual size.
Knits are central to this look, either hugely textured, fine silk knit with muted multi-coloured stripes, or slightly undersize , a bit like your wee brother's school jumper.
Over the years, these birds have learned to scavenge fish guts and undersized fish tossed back by fishing boats.
He said one of the pots tampered with contained 40 undersized crayfish.
He was an undersized senior with spiked auburn hair and russet eyes.
He is undersized , making him less than ideal as a blocker and tackler.
A hyperactive, undersized boy, he loved playing football and joined a local junior team.
He's undersized , but because of the way he plays with leverage he's able to disengage from blocks and be a run stopper.
All were forced to sit on undersized plastic chairs designed for primary school pupils.
I complained as I turned the T.V. off and walked lazily into the undersized area called the kitchen.
Did you buy any other undersized travel items for your week-long stay in London Village?
He plays the run well for an undersized lineman and is best at backside pursuit rather than trying to stop plays head-on.