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underside / нижняя часть
имя существительное
нижняя часть
bottom, underside, underneath, foot, sole, toe
имя существительное
the bottom or lower side or surface of something.
the butterfly's wings have a mottled brown pattern on the underside
the sordid underside of the glamorous 1980s
There is also a rear loading ramp which forms the underside of the rear fuselage.
Sure enough, on examining the underside of the toast we discovered it was indeed covered in little black garlicky burnt bits.
He deftly chipped the goalkeeper via the underside of the crossbar.
Seeds appear to have been produced on the underside of the leaf, with the leaf edges rolled over to form an enclosing chamber.
the butterfly's wings have a mottled brown pattern on the underside
On the underside of his ruler was a list of all the Trig functions.
But the flames quickly spread along the underside of the thatch and in less than two hours the whole building was gutted.
They are tough plastic hooks which are secured to table legs and the underside of tables, so people can attach their bags or coats to them.
It does not seem too bad when you are driving over it, apart from the little stones that jump up and damage the underside of the car.