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undershirt / нижняя рубаха
имя существительное
нижняя рубаха
имя существительное
an undergarment worn under a shirt.
He'd always wear undershirts under his dress shirts, and cuff links in his French sleeves.
In order to stay cool, Harris recommends that workers wear an undershirt beneath the vest.
He wore a spotless business suit; a white undershirt , with a black tie, pants, and jacket.
He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a black dress shirt that was opened to reveal a white undershirt .
He was dressed in a light blue flannel shirt over a white undershirt and navy blue jeans.
Megan was in her pajama pants and a tanktop; Charlie dressed in his jeans and his undershirt .
He pulled on a white undershirt , a blue silk Oxford shirt, a pair of tan slacks and a matching jacket.
Suddenly it hits me that I'm clad in a white undershirt and plaid pajama bottoms.
Clad only in small cotton under-shorts and a cotton undershirt , she wadded into the water.
He had on jeans and a light blue shirt with a white undershirt that made him look scholarly and gorgeous at the same time.
A skinny bleached-blond woman in her forties wearing jeans and a white undershirt sat on the couch.