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undersell / продавать ниже стоимости, продавать дешевле других
продавать ниже стоимости
sell under cost, undersell
продавать дешевле других
sell something at a lower price than (a competitor).
we can equal or undersell mail order
we can equal or undersell mail order
He wasn't going to undersell himself again to a team with such dim prospects.
To compare the world to an oyster (even one that is owned by me) is to undersell it a little, I think.
Many business leaders and community activists undersell social interaction.
That is not to undersell or under-rate the book: it is also a handy reference for professional writers, particularly those looking to expand more widely into other areas of food writing.
As a result, they may undersell their strengths in order to avoid being singled out and made to feel conspicuous.
we can equal or undersell mail order
Meanwhile, corporate agribusiness can undersell the small family farmer, making the small farm economically unviable.
don't undersell yourself
Many chains claim that no one will undersell their own Web sites, but this is a tough policy to enforce.