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undersea / подводный
имя прилагательное
underwater, submarine, undersea, subaqueous, subsurface, submersed
под водой
underwater, undersea, underseas
имя прилагательное
below the sea or the surface of the sea.
undersea cables
Telephone companies first employed satellites to connect calls where there were no undersea cables.
The company claims that it is presently involved in almost every undersea cable route in the world.
The beautiful coral reefs made the undersea world even more splendid and fantastic.
He is talking about people laying undersea fibre optic cable, but the image is more general than that.
Marvels of integration, the reefs are like bustling undersea communities.
A damaged undersea transatlantic cable is being blamed for causing havoc for Net and phone users in the UK last night.
Hydrothermal vents result from undersea cracks in the earth's crust, which allow lava and hot fluids to seep out.
Whatever the exact explanation, it is well known that not every undersea earthquake produces a tsunami.
Adventure tourism has entered the picture in recent years, with customers paying steep prices to visit the undersea wreck.
In Asia, the company's subsidiary owns undersea cables, fiber optic rings, and Web hosting centers in several cities.