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underplay / исполнять роль бледно, исполнять роль слабо, умышленно не брать взятку
исполнять роль бледно
underplay, underact
исполнять роль слабо
underplay, underact
умышленно не брать взятку
perform (something) in a restrained way.
the violins underplayed the romantic element in the music
‘Only a fool would underplay the important role you played in our history,’ he said.
I knew he'd underplay the role he's had in the project.
And yet, we believe that these movements have tended to underplay or even deny a very important dimension of human life - the spiritual dimension.
Oddly, the report tried to underplay these important factors.
He is a master of understatement; all of his actors underplay their parts.
A strong script, able direction, and a stellar cast who underplay their roles make it very worthy of at least a rental.
More than anyone else, Bobby himself would wish to underplay his disability and to concentrate on his achievements, for that is really what is important to him.
However, one should never underplay the romantic potential of the Internet.
Owen has a tendency to underplay his roles - an approach that serves him well here.
This is no different; the guy just knows how to underplay a role and spit out brilliant one-liners.