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underpin / поддерживать, подкреплять, подпирать
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, underpin
reinforce, underpin, back, sustain, corroborate, confirm
prop, prop up, buttress, shore, support, underpin
подводить фундамент
support (a building or other structure) from below by laying a solid foundation below ground level or by substituting stronger for weaker materials.
Work began on rectifying the structural problems of the library and extra piles were inserted and the building was underpinned .
He said the partnership process must underpin competitiveness as the core element of any possible new agreement.
The claim of the insured included an additional claim to underpin an adjacent office block, which was not part of the insured property.
The Government's legislation to underpin its workplace changes is yet to materialise.
In this essay I want to trace the origins of some of the common principles and assumptions which underpin the writing workshop.
Mrs Lloyd said the council refuses to answer questions about underpinning her house.
The idea of fairness that underpins the democratic process is grounded in different ways in different theories.
The exercise exposed a fundamental element of the Finnish psyche that underpins the Finnish workplace.
An understanding of market structure underpins all pricing decisions made by marketers.
His views were underpinned by his strong Christian beliefs.
The theme underpinning the film's murder investigation is the dire and inescapable consequences of circumstance and personal choice.