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underpay / недостаточно платить
недостаточно платить
pay too little to (someone).
And as I pointed out in an earlier column, if they read the details of the lengthy contract, they might have thought she was underpaid by the company.
The charge for this service is normally fairly low so it is a worthwhile investment to ensure that your affairs are kept in order and you don't overpay or underpay your taxes.
If we, as tax professionals, fail to alert clients to errors, they may underpay their taxes and lose an opportunity to correct such mistakes without penalties.
The deals also allow overpayments and underpayments , which can be helpful around holiday times, or at periods of illness or maternity leave.
Now we were working for someone else, and they were underpaying us!
‘We don't need an inquiry to know that we are underpaid and undervalued,’ says Ken, the local union chairman.
The penalty is applied after the IRS has audited your return and has determined that you have underpaid your tax.
Workers can recover underpayments at an employment tribunal or the county court.
In addition, he has substantially underpaid child support based on his annual incomes.
Workers were severely underpaid and denied social benefits such as free meals and transportation and the signing of a collective labour contract was blocked.
He takes much of the credit for Lena's work, underpays her, and takes her for granted.