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underpass / подземный ход, подземный пешеходный переход
имя существительное
подземный ход
tunnel, underpass
подземный пешеходный переход
имя существительное
a road or pedestrian tunnel passing under another road or a railroad.
A subway is a pedestrian underpass , generally under a road.
David showed me that there is a pedestrian underpass in the middle part of the platforms.
After the underpass , the road gets wider and the traffic spreads out.
Speakers urged the county council to provide pedestrians with a bridge, an underpass or a pelican crossing to prevent another accident.
I would like to see a dual carriageway, possibly with a roundabout and an underpass for pedestrians.
A subway is a pedestrian underpass , generally under a road.
The park would then take a route through an underpass beneath the trunk road and continue on the side of Ramsey village.
And local schoolchildren will be the first to cycle through a new underpass built into the road network.
As he walked through the underpass in Cranes Farm Road he saw three men which he said he didn't think anything of and continued walking towards them.
The new road has 29 structures, including 17 overbridges, five underbridges and an underpass .
Work to reconstruct an underpass on the dual carriageway at Top Lane, Copmanthorpe, is expected to continue for the next six months.