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undernourished / недокармливать
undernourish, underfeed
имя прилагательное
having insufficient food or other substances for good health and condition.
undernourished children
Although no one ever starved here, many were undernourished .
Chronically undernourished children are far more likely to succumb to disease compared to those children who are of adequate nutrition.
You may have to take nutrients or eat foods containing certain vitamins so that you do not become undernourished or underweight.
She has been a prisoner for years on end, unloved and constantly undernourished in the midst of appalling squalor.
Her mother Anna was undernourished and food was scarce in Czechoslovakia.
She certainly didn't appear undernourished but, yes, I did feel immensely sorry for her.
The child grew to become a vibrant but undernourished teenager, who was very popular in his neighbourhood.
As well as being emotionally undernourished , the children also did not have adequate facilities.
They hadn't eaten properly and were undernourished .
This appeared in the national press, which reported that millions of households were undernourished because they did not have the opportunity to make healthy food choices.