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undermine / подрывать, разрушать, подкапывать
undermine, disrupt, destroy, sap, destabilize, mine
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, undermine
undermine, sap, mine
erode the base or foundation of (a rock formation).
The lighthouse stands on a plinth of rock undermined by caves, perhaps once used by smugglers.
damage or weaken (someone or something), especially gradually or insidiously.
this could undermine years of hard work
Mistakes or excessive collateral damage can undermine its potential effectiveness.
the demolition engineers did eventually undermine two of the tower's six sides
this could undermine years of hard work
They might have to share power and that is dangerous because it would undermine their position of power.
this could undermine years of hard work
Many in positions of power undermine others and the organization to meet their own selfish needs.
Nation states will not be interested in enabling that power, only in undermining it.
The Romans also developed tunnelling for military purposes, either by breaking through behind enemy defences or by undermining fortifications to cause their collapse.
It also undermines their ability their ability to trade in the peak Christmas season.
Those who undersleep are undermining their cognitive abilities - whether meagre or not - as well as their private life and health.