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underline / подчеркивание, объяснительная надпись, пояснение под чертежом
имя существительное
underline, emphasis, accentuation
объяснительная надпись
пояснение под чертежом
emphasize, stress, underline, accentuate, underscore, accent
имя существительное
a line drawn under a word or phrase, especially for emphasis.
That last sentence has a green underline on my word processor, and when I right click to see what grammatical snafu I've made, it says ‘Wordiness.’
the line of the lower part of an animal's body.
draw a line under (a word or phrase) to give emphasis or indicate special type.
Copy the articles or excerpts by hand underlining those words and phrases that you think are significant in the creation of mood and/or atmosphere.
The television figures underline the sustained popularity of the annual broadcasts from the festival and this year's programme attracted over 56 per cent of the Irish audience at its peak.
It served, however, to underline his credentials as the most dynamic figure in the new generation of Conservative politicians.
Nevertheless, the sale seemed to underline their minor status.
Will I be able to catch my own passive voice without the green underline ?
she has a white tail and underline
These figures underline the fact that we are in the great boom in advertising for years, much greater than anything seen in 1999-2000.
If you underline text to emphasize something but it is not an actual link, your readers will almost certainly be confused.
sub-headings have an underline in blue
Take this familiar experience: spell a word wrongly in your word processor and you see a wavy red underline appear under the word.
Sometimes she would underline words, sentences, or passages.