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underlie / лежать в основе, лежать под чем-л.
лежать в основе
underlie, underlay
лежать под чем-л.
(especially of a layer of rock or soil) lie or be situated under (something).
Most of the mowed fields in the central part of the park are underlain with soil.
If the cracks extend deep enough, the seawater can come into contact with mantle rocks that underlie the crust.
Instead, I would like to focus on a few recurring issues that seem to underlie discussions.
Political motivations most likely underlie this transformation of tradition.
When we get to the appeal, let us focus on the issues that underlie the appeal.
to underlie sth
Furthermore, in cultivated soils, dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil.
Before examining the case law it may be helpful to understand the central issues which underlie this area.
The authors' analysis does a great deal to clarify the ethical issues that underlie these intuitive distinctions.
the principles that underlie the policy
Perhaps that is the conflict that underlies his and my shared anger.